Campaign Update - May 4, 2013


May 4, 2013

Dear Friends of St. Thomas More,

Our Jubilee 50th anniversary year continues to be filled with gratitude for blessings received and excitement for our future possibilities.  The investments we are making now will help ensure a beautiful future for our parish community of faith.  We appreciate your willingness to support these endeavors.  Thank you so much for your gifts to the 50 MORE! campaign.

As of this writing, our situation is becoming clearer.  We have firmer numbers based on actual bids.  The total estimated cost of our Jubilee Year projects are $1,576,197.  This includes significant worship space enhancements, outdoor signage, carillon, main entrance hospitality office, lower level bathrooms, a new dedicated HVAC system, youth ministry support, and the 2013 Bishop’s Appeal.  As of April 26, we have $1,416,290 in cash and pledges. That means we are only $159,907 from realizing these dreams!

We are so close.  Every gift is significant.  Every gift you make is helping our parish dreams become a reality.  Please help us reach our goal by honoring your pledge to the best of your ability, pledging now for the first time, or by making a contribution or contributions using the 50 MORE campaign envelopes found in your parish stewardship envelope packets.

We must adventure forward in faith.  Beginning on May 6, and continuing over the course of the summer, our worship space will be modernized, updated, and beautifully enhanced, and our school will become more hospitable and secure.  In thanksgiving to God, our goal is to celebrate our Jubilee anniversary masses on the weekend of September 14-15, in a beautifully renovated worship space.

Thank you for all the prayer, love, and sacrifice you have offered in this Year of Faith.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Jim Lucas