Questions: Finances

“Honor the Lord with your wealth, with first fruits of all your produce.”

                                                                                                                        Proverbs 3:9


What will be the giving expectation of each parish family?  Equal sacrifice

We are asking all to make an equal sacrifice for the Lord.  One size does not fit all in terms of giving amount.  A single millionaire or a poor single parent of four children cannot be expected to give the same $ amount.  Consider making a gift of 2.5% of your total income to the project for three years.  This would be the first hour worked of a 40 hour work week.  From this point forward we will call this the “Alpha Gift,” offered as the “first fruits” of our God given blessings.  Additional giving options and suggestions will be developed as a part of the 50 MORE! campaign and will be offered to all parish members for prayerful consideration.

How long will our 50 MORE! campaign be?  Three years

Our goal is to run a campaign where pledges will be paid over a three year period.

Will we borrow money to fund our projects?  Hopefully NO

It is not our intention to borrow money from any outside financial institution to fund our projects.  Depending on the initial amount raised and remaining amount pledged, we will only accomplish projects that are within our means and are committed to managing the financial stewardship of our community.


What happens if we do not reach our campaign financial goal?  Tough decisions

It will be necessary to raise enough money to accomplish the Worship Space Enhancements of the interior of the church.  This is a major project that cannot be done in a piecemeal fashion and is the centerpiece of our 50th anniversary celebration.  We will also need to meet our Bishop’s Appeal and Youth Ministry fundraising goals.  The other projects, exterior enhancements, facilities renovations, and endowment growth are also important, and will be accomplished as funding allows.

Does our Bishop plan to help us financially with this project?  Yes

Our Bishop is supporting this project by allowing us to use some of this year’s Bishops Appeal money (over $20,000) to help us get started with this project.