Questions: Why Do This?

“Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

                                                                                                                        Deuteronomy 6:5

Why are we doing this?  Because we love God!

We believe that the Holy Spirit is guiding us on this adventure of faith.  Two years ago, Bishop Ricken announced a Visioning Process for all churches in the Diocese of Green Bay.  The process invited us to pray, discover, discuss, and dream about our church and God’s calling to us in the time we live.  The vibrant celebration of Eucharist emerged as a pastoral priority.  As we approach the celebration of our parishes 50th anniversary, we believe that the time is right to invest in our worship space for the greater honor and glory of God.


Isn’t everything fine the way it is?  YES, and NO.

Yes, everything is fine because of God’s unconditional love and mercy for us in Jesus.  Yes, our church is built simply and fundamentally sound.  However, the Holy Spirit is always encouraging us to reform and grow in holiness.  Our church building is preparing for an updating in areas of structure, symbolism, art, function, beauty, hospitality, and vibrancy.  We call this “enhancement” for short.  Our love for God can always be enhanced and grow stronger.  This is one significant and lasting way for us to show our love for God.

Will these renovations bring more people to church?  We hope so!

People today are hungry for a sacred encounter with God.  The celebration of Eucharist is the spiritual heartbeat of our faith community.  The enhanced beauty, hospitality, and functionality of our worship space should increase the vibrancy of our community’s worship of God.  We believe that this will attract our current members, and future members, to our church.

Is this the best we can do with our money?  We believe Yes!

A diverse group of parish members and staff formed in the summer of 2011 to investigate the enhancement of our worship space.  Along every step of the way respect and honor was given to the past as well as concern and hope for the future.  Assisted by professionals in liturgical design and construction, costs versus comfort were considered at every step.  We believe the proposed plan is cost conscious and in conformity with the guidelines and best practices of our time.