Spotlight on Liturgy - November 20


Concluding Rites

   The Communion Rite concluded with the Prayer after Communion.  If there are any announcements those are made at this time.  These are announced from the Cantor’s Lectern instead of the Ambo.  The priest will then greet you as he does now,  and you will respond, “And with your spirit.”  The priest then proceeds   with the blessing as he makes the Sign of the Cross over you.  You respond again with “Amen.”

    The dismissal now follows.  The priest has several options to which you reply; “Thanks be to God.” The closing hymn is optional; but we always conclude with one.

      When Mass concludes, we do not just leave the building.  We enter the world with a mission which we probably heard at the homily time.

   Because we have the Tabernacle in the sanctuary now, we will genuflect, if possible, before leaving church.

   These last several weeks we have reflected on the changes of words and rubrics for the celebration of the Eucharist.  Basically all churches will be doing what has been discussed, or something very similar.  In another week we will begin using the words that have been selected for the use at Mass.  These will be visible for you on the power point.

   We hope these articles have been helpful to you in understanding the directives from our Bishop.  May we all be united in our desire to enter more deeply into the mystery of our faith.  May each Eucharist be a renewal of our relationship with the Lord.

     Blessings to all !  Reflections of S. Mary Rose with PaulTurner & S. Ann Rehrauer