Fifth Sunday of Lent - Cycle A


The liturgical readings for the fifth Sunday of Lent focus on the Resurrection.  The Gospel, particularly speaks of the raising of Lazarus and the promise of resurrection for  each of the followers of Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God.

The themes for this Sunday add a third dimension to the reflection of the scrutiny Sundays.  On the third Sunday of Lent we considered the plight of the Samaritan woman, and we saw Jesus as the source of living water.  On the fourth Sunday we encountered the blindness of the believing community, and we watched Jesus give the blind man both sight and insight.  Today we consider the universality of death, and Jesus is revealed to us all as the resurrection and the life.  All three readings for this Sunday, as well as the psalm response, point out our inability to raise ourselves out of the deaths that afflict us. God does not leave us to languish, but offers us new life. For some, it's another chance at life; for others, it is an opportunity to enter into an entirely new way of living.  Life can be found only in Christ. It is the Spirit of God at work in us through Christ that transforms us.

"Lazarus came back because his sisters wanted him back, because Jesus his friend called him back. All his relations and friendships he had taken with him.  Lazarus came back because of them.  Jesus himself said that what we call death is only sleep, that we will never really die because we remain with him, and he with us."    Joseph G. Donders