Households of Discipleship 6-17-20

A great start...

As we begin Phase 2 of the sacramental reboot of St. Thomas More things are going very well. Following the principles of prudent safety and bold faith we gathered together in faith and celebrated the Sacred Liturgy. It was a gift to be together for those who could attend. While we missed singing together the feeling of community was real. Thank you!

In case you were wondering, here are the numbers:

  • 5 PM Mass - 109 in attendance and 16 live stream viewers.
  • 8 AM Mass - 76 in attendance and 22 live stream viewers.
  • 10 AM Mass - 91 in attendance and 29 live stream viewers.

We still have capacity for more people to attend safely (fewer than 25% occupancy means we can accommodate nearly 200 people safely). If you sign up below it will help our planning.

pdfPhase Two Guidelines for Masses

Daily Masses are also resuming on Tuesday - Friday at 7 am. Please see the guidelines for details or if you have questions.

St Thomas MoreFeast of St Thomas More - June 22

We are having a special daily Mass on Monday, June 22 at 7 am to celebrate the feast day of St. Thomas More. Consider praying the St. Thomas More Novena to prepare for this feast or praying it over the course of these days. The Novena is attached.

pdfSt Thomas More Novena

Mass Sign up for June 20/21

Please sign up for the Mass time you plan to attend this weekend. We are limiting attendance to 25% occupancy to keep everyone safe.

Click here to sign up.

Mealtime moments...

Dining Room Table

Share your thoughts on the following question.

What are the qualities that make you a good friend?

Be sure to support the good things you see and hear about each other and affirm that you are a good friend. With adults and older children, this can spark a conversation about what true friendship is.

Phase 2 is here!

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Look for upcoming listening sessions and reconnect groups as we continue to reboot our parish. God is rebooting his church of missionary disciples to build the Kingdom of God!

Deacon Lincoln's Log...Dcn Lincolns Log

Four Temptations of The Desert

“Remember how for these forty years the LORD your God, has directed all your journeying in the wilderness, so as to test you by affliction, to know what was in your heart: to keep his commandments, or not. He therefore let you be afflicted with hunger, and then fed you with manna, a food unknown to you and your ancestors, so you might know that it is not by bread alone that people live, but by all that comes forth from the mouth of the Lord.”
(Dt. 8:2-3 emphasis added)

Last weekend in preaching I drew heavily on the article “Getting Them Through the Wilderness” by William Bridges. In this article, Bridges outlines the major characteristics of change and transition. He takes an enlightening look at what he calls the “Neutral Zone” which is that time between having left something behind but before the new emerges. It is a time like we are in now....

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Prayer Space Pictures...

We still have some left... we'll be starting a new theme soon. What picture theme would you suggest?

Sandra Scheibe 1 Sandra Scheibe 2

Statues of Mary and the Holy Family.
Thanks to Sandra Scheibe for these photos.

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  • Sacraments: This weekend we resume the public celebration of Mass. You can sign up using the sign up form above or on the website or by calling the office. We are limiting attendance to 25% of our capacity to keep everyone safe.

  • The sacrament of Confirmation is on hold for the moment as we wait for direction from the diocese. We are beginning to weddings and funerals and baptisms and anointing of the sick with some precautions in place.The Sacrament of Reconciliation will return to our regular schedule (see below for details). We are resuming the public celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass with precautions (see above for details).

  • Our regular schedule for celebrating the sacrament of Reconciliation begins this weekend (4 pm on Saturday and 9:15-9:45 am on Sunday).

  • You can begin to bring in your Rice Bowls. We will be collecting them and sending on the money to Catholic Relief Services.

  • Phone ministry continues. You may be receiving a call from a staff member or parishioner to see how you are doing, pray with you, and offer any assistance we can. We will never ask for money over the phone and will identify ourselves as being from St. Thomas More. This is one way we can stay connected during this difficult time.

  • Faith Formation: We are postponing Faith Formation Registration until a future date. As we look to the future, we are beginning to plan some listening sessions to determine how God is calling us to move forward for the next year.

Click here for the link to our bulletin.


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 Thank you for being the Amazing Catholic Community that you are!

                                                               -- Dcn. Lincoln


Some people are kind, polite, and sweet-spirited
Until you try to sit in their pews.

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