Households of Discipleship 7-15-20

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This week's note:

  1. An introductory video from our new coordinator of missionary discipleship for family and youth: Andy Chmura!
  2. Mass intentions are available! Weekly Mass sign-up
  3. Family discussion on wishing.
  4. Listening Session follow up in the Lincoln's Log.
  5. Information about 2 key parts of our phase 2 reboot
    1. Reconnect groups (coming soon!)
    2. Listening sessions (go ahead and sign up!)
  6. Prayer intentions from the community
  7. Pictures Needed!
  8. News, Updates, and Links to the bulletin and other great resources.
  9. And a parable pun to make you smile. Reading it out loud helps!

May God bless you and keep you safe this weekend!

Introducing Andy Chmura!

Andy is our new Coordinator for Missionary Discipleship for Family and Youth. Be sure to reach out to Andy and show him the welcoming spirit of St. Thomas More Parish. Here is a video where he introduces himself to our youth.



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Mass intentions available!

Having a Mass said for the needs of a special person, for a special request, or in thanksgiving has a long history in the Catholic Church. We are honored to pray with you for your intention. Please contact parish office at 739-7758 to let us know information for any specific intentions. We have several Mass intentions available in the next days and weeks. Please consider having a Mass prayed for your intention. Its as easy as calling the office.

Mass July 18 and 19

Please sign up for the Mass time you plan to attend this weekend. We are limiting attendance to 25% occupancy to keep everyone safe.

Click here to sign up for Mass.

Mealtime Moments...

Dining Room Table

Share your thoughts on the following.

Name five reasons you’re glad to be alive.

Those things that give us life and joy need to be shared at the family table, along with the food!

Deacon Lincoln's Log...Dcn Lincolns Log

Deep Listening Part 2

“Whoever has ears ought to hear.”
Mt. 13:43

What is God asking St. Thomas More to do today and in the months to come?

Last weekend we had our first listening session. We had 29 participants (6 in church and 23 online). It was a spirit filled time. Here are a few of many comments made by parishioners about what each person heard as we listened to God and one another.

“A continuing online presence moving forward is important to many people..."

Click to read more.


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Phase 2 is here!

Reconnect Groups

We are piloting Reconnect groups as we reboot our community. Attached is the basic format for a reconnect group. We'll be opening groups up to the entire parish in the early Fall. Reconnect groups will be offered both in person and virtually. If you are interested in finding out more about reconnect groups please contact:

Greg Mohr at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an in person reconnect group.

Emily Shackleton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a virtual reconnect group.

pdfReconnect Group Session Outlines

Listening Sessions

What is God asking St. Thomas More to do today and in the months to come?

As we reboot the parish, we will be holding two listening sessions to help us discern God's call during this time of transition. Our first listening session went well (see the Lincoln's Log above). You are invited to participate in our next listening session to be held on:

Wednesday, August 19, 6:30-8 pm

These sessions are simple ways for us continue to discern God's call. To discern well we need your input. Each session will last at most 90 minutes and you can attend in person or participate virtually through our STM Facebook page. If you attended the listening session this past weekend, you do not need to attend the upcoming session to have your Spirit-guided thoughts heard. We will be prayerfully exploring the questions:

  • What do you love about St. Thomas More?
  • What is needed now and in the future at STM?
  • What would make STM more effective in continuing the mission of Jesus in making disciples?

Please sign up below to help our planning. Thanks!

Listening Session Sign Up

During this critical time, we are trying to discern God's. To help us discern we need to hear your input. These listening sessions will take place both in person and virtually on the STM Facebook page. We want to hear: What do you love about St. Thomas More? What is needed now and in the future at STM? What would make STM more effective in continuing the mission of Jesus in making disciples? Please plan to attend one of these listening session, virtually, or in person. Registration is not required, but encouraged to help us plan effectively.

Click here to sign up for a listening session.

Together in prayer...Together in prayer

Here are the prayer intentions from our prayer line (phone) and online prayer basket. Join in the prayers for your fellow St. Thomas More parishioners!

docxPrayer Request Basket - Intentions for July 12

We need pictures for our new Picture Theme!

For the next few months of summer, we are taking our picture theme outside to the great outdoors. Please share pictures of sacred places or moments that you have found out in God's glorious creation. If possible, please include a short explanation or reflection on the space (no more than a few sentences).

From Jean Pynenberg: From sunsets which close out the day to birds that sing, to bleeding hearts that bloom in spring, God speaks to us through nature- telling us to stop for a moment and take it all in. I am grateful for the beauty. I know that He’ll take care of us like the birds of the sky, and I am utterly amazed and in awe at the intricate flowers that bloom in my garden. Have you looked closely at a flower lately? Or sat in the the quiet and simply watched the sun set? Make time to be with God in the world He created for us to enjoy.

jean pynenberg 1

jean pynenberg 2


News and Updates banner

  • Sacraments: This weekend we resume the public celebration of Mass. You can sign up using the sign up form above or on the website or by calling the office. We are limiting attendance to 25% of our capacity to keep everyone safe.

  • The sacrament of Confirmation is on hold for the moment as we wait for direction from the diocese. We are beginning to weddings and funerals and baptisms and anointing of the sick with some precautions in place.The Sacrament of Reconciliation will return to our regular schedule (see below for details). We are resuming the public celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass with precautions (see above for details).

  • Our regular schedule for celebrating the sacrament of Reconciliation begins this weekend (4 pm on Saturday and 9:15-9:45 am on Sunday).

  • You can begin to bring in your Rice Bowls. We will be collecting them and sending on the money to Catholic Relief Services.

  • Phone ministry continues. You may be receiving a call from a staff member or parishioner to see how you are doing, pray with you, and offer any assistance we can. We will never ask for money over the phone and will identify ourselves as being from St. Thomas More. This is one way we can stay connected during this difficult time.

  • Faith Formation: We are postponing Faith Formation Registration until a future date. As we look to the future, we are beginning to plan some listening sessions to determine how God is calling us to move forward for the next year.

Click here for the bulletin.


Virtual Event Calendar for Green Bay Diocese

"52 Sundays" Family Resource Sign Up

St Thomas More Parish Facebook Page

St Thomas More Website

 Thank you for being the Amazing Catholic Community that you are!

                                                               -- Dcn. Lincoln

If Jesus ever told dad jokes,
I bet they were parable puns.

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