Discipleship Formation

Game Plan for Discipleship Formation at STM

 This year will be a year of change as we adapt our mission to proclaim the Gospel and form disciples of Jesus in a new context. While there are many changes this year, all of these changes are designed to be simple and to relieve stress on families while helping parents to grow their children as disciples of Jesus. This game plan is about empowering and equipping families to live as households of discipleship in the world today.

The Overview:

First off, we will not have in-person classes every Wednesday. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. With COVID, we can’t afford to take too many chances. We DO NOT want this virus to spread within our community.
  2. We discerned a need to move toward a family model of faith formation.

This new model will support and empower parents in their important role as the primary catechists of their children – the church of the home, the building blocks on which our larger church of STM is built.

As a parish, we are focusing on four key skills and eight themes. We are empowering families to:

  1. Use the Bible as individuals and a family
  2. Pray as a family
  3. Have a meal together as a family regularly
  4. Share faith as a family

We will develop these skills through exploring eight key discipleship themes (one for each month).

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