The Perfect Gift!

Don't know what to gift people this year at the holidays? Afraid to head to the mall? No time to shop? Look no further - we have the perfect gift! Buy the 2021 St Thomas More Calendar Raffle ticket, and give gifts all year long.
In theory, each ticket has the chance to win $10,000! A winner is drawn from the barrel each day of the year, and the ticket is then placed back into the drum for an opportunity to win the next day. And the next! And the next!
Order your tickets here for a chance to cash in during 2021! After you purchase your tickets, they will be mailed to you. You fill out the stubs and return to the parish office. Then sit back and wait for the checks to start arriving in your mailbox. Buy some today, ticket sales end December 31, 2020 or until they are sold out.