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A Laughing Place

Author: Hageseth, Christian
Publisher : Berwick Publishing Company
Publishing Date: 1988
Type: Book
Checked Out: No

Positive humor saved B'rer Rabbit when he was in a tight squeeze. A LAUGHING PLACE makes the case that positive humor is available to everyone who encounters adversity, demonstrating how to make humor work effectively. Positive humor & joking are not the same. Only three percent of the population remember & tell jokes well. Positive humor is a perspective one brings to all of life & the behaviors employed to express that perspective. A LAUGHING PLACE describes the three pathways to a humor response, distinguishes positive from negative humor, demonstrates how humor is extinguished in the process of growth & development, & provides specific detail on how to incorporate more positive humor into life whether to overcome illness or to love more effectively. The author combines twenty-four years of medical experience with eight years of professional speaking to provide a solid foundation to make his case that positive humor is a birthright available to all who are willing to overcome a little bit of their fear of foolishness. This book alternates from the very serious to the very playful, illustrating that practicing positive humor in no way diminishes the need to take one's work-in-life seriously.

Tags: The Art and psychology of positive humor in love and adversity