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Come, Follow Me!

Author: O'Rourke, Fr. Mike
Publisher : Diocese of Green Bay
Publishing Date: 2008
Type: Book
Checked Out: No

This book may miss the real issue for many people. The contents explain Catholic teachings but it is a sad truth that there are those who avoid the faith, not for theological reasons, but because of personal experiences. They have witnessed, first hand, the problems within the Church (indifferent Catholics, poor Bible study, unkind priests, bland preaching, scandals, etc.) and are repelled. I offer this invitation to those who are not now Catholic: May you see clearly our flaws but be willing, even then, to step beyond them to find God's gifts. As long as the Church includes people this side of Heaven, it will need forgiveness and reform. We Catholics wish to share Christ's blessings and, at all times, be grateful for the goodness of those who come to us. We are better when we are together.

This Book was written for both Catholics and Protestants and has a format similar to a dictionary. It presents a series of condensed "definitions" or clarifications for individual issues rather than a single, unified theme. None of the answers provides a complete presentation of a topic.

People of good faith may be unaware when they have inaccurate information about the Catholic Church and its practices. (Be cautious when friends say: "Those Catholics believe...")

Many prople accept as true certain stories they have heard about the Catholic Church and what its members believe. Among them are:

Catholics believe they are saved by good works and not by Christ. Catholics, therefore, are not Christians.

Catholics trust empty rituals called sacraments instead of Jesus and His redeeming grace.

Catholics worship Mary and the saints. They imagine that prayers to them are appeals to "helper gods" who have their own power to intervene on earth.

Catholics think they can ignore the Bible and teach anti-Bible traditions.

All of these "stories" are false. This short work contains a brief response to these and other common misunderstandings about the Catholic faith. Each response will show the profoundly biblical nature of Church teachings. The presentations is offered with respect for all who read these pages.

This book is meant to help both Catholics and other Christians by giving brief but reliable explanations for frequently misunderstood Church teachings. These pages will show a great truth - a faithful Catholic is faithfully following Christ. many today are surprised when they come to understand that the Carholic invitation is to become more biblical, not less.

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