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Faith: What It Is And What It Isn’t

Author: Tilley, Terrence W.
Publisher : Orbis Books
Publishing Date: 2010
Type: Book
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An introduction to the concept of faith.

This accessible book that addresses what faith is and what it means in our lives can serve as an introduction to the study of theology or religious studies. The five chapters include (1) Misunderstanding Faith, (2) Defining Faith, (3) Expressing Faith, (4) Living Faith, and (5) Justifying Faith. Because most of us live in a world with multiple faith traditions, this books deals broadly with the nature and expression of faith across traditions including religious traditions and secular traditions such as humanism.

In the words of Professor Tilley, This book is an exercise in learning how to see our faiths clearly so we can figure out how we can live well together in a world in which faith unites and divides us. Written in clear language and with easily understood examples, this book serves as a first step as students begin to explore the world of theology or religious studies.

Tags: Faith