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Man's Desire For God

Author: Mullady, Brian
Publisher : 1stBooks
Publishing Date: 2003
Type: Book
Checked Out: No

This book brings a Thomistic prospective and analysis to many of the post-Vatican II problems in Catholic theology. The unique contribution of this work is that is combines many of these post-Vatican II works with a searching and new analysis of certain Thomistic problems which have pervaded Catholic theology, both past and present. The author brings fresh perspective to a famous Thomist debate of the mid 20th Century concerning why man is called to union with God. He uses his solution to this problem as a springboard to launch an analysis of such contemporary issues as: the personalistic philosophy of Pope John Paul II, the malaise in Moral Theology which is at the root of the pedophilia crisis in the Church in the United States, the loss of fatherhood and true masculinity in the West, the problem of death and the nature of the Holy Eucharist. Each issue is examined from the perspective of faith seeking understanding and seeks to contribute a new understanding of both the positive and negative contributions of the Catholic theologians of the last 50 years.

Tags: Theology