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Mother Teresa's Reaching Out In Love

Author: Saint Mother Teresa, Edward Le Joly, Jaya Chaliha
Publisher : New York: Barnes & Noble
Publishing Date: 2002
Type: Book
Checked Out: No
MOTHER TERESA WROTE nothing for publication, yet in the course of four decades she spoke on countless occasions in more than one hundred countries. She spoke extemporaneously and from the heart. Because she knew exactly what she wanted to say, her words were always to the point and her stories never lengthy. In order to get her message of compassion across, Mother Teresa would usually adorn her comments with two or three brief tales drawn from her own experience. One hundred and nine of the very best of these are presented here. They are true-life vignettes that highlight the courage and sacrifice of real people: children who spontaneously gave up what they cherished most; women who shared whatever little they possessed with a poorer neighbor; the dying in the streets who, despite their terrible deprivations, managed a smile at the end. Simple yet profound, these stories are imbued with both earthy wit and heavenly wisdom. They enrich, ennoble, and inspire.

Tags: Catholic Church, Teresa, Mother, Saint, 1910-1997