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Spirituality Of The Beatitudes

Author: Crosby, Michael
Publisher : Orbis Books
Publishing Date: 1981
Type: Book
Checked Out: No

Third printing, trade paperback. (ISBN 0-88344-465-8). Good copy, the top of the first end paper has a 3" x 1" section snipped out of the top outer corner, good wrappers. From chapter one: "When I began to research Matthew's beatitudes and their relevance for today, I had a mixture of motives. In turning to Matthews eight beatitudes rather than Luke's four, I had no stronger motivation than to get eight chapters for this book. My pragmatism, however, evolved into an exciting journey of faith. The more I investigated Matthew the more I discovered that the author of the First Gospel speaks to First World Christians. His good news was written to address concerns similar to ours." " I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Spirituality of the Beauties.' Michael Crosby has not only understood what Matthew was saying, he has understood the mind of Matthew and brought that to bear upon the world today. I hope this book finds a wide audience, for it will help many Christians read the Scriptures with ne—w insight and challenge," — Donald Senior, C.P., Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. Religion.

Tags: Beatitudes