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The Gospels In Their Original Meaning

Author: Michaels, Lawrence
Publisher : Bovee Productions
Publishing Date: 2001
Type: Book
Checked Out: No

The Gospels are the most important writings of Scripture for Christians. They were composed several decades after the Resurrection to address very important problems in the early Church using the teachings and events of Jesus' public life. Yet, most readers treat them as biographies about Jesus and never examine the meanings that caused them to be written.

This commentary examines the reasons for the existence of these great writings. The interpretation is related to those very important questions that could only be answered by a selection and arrangement of Jesus' own words and actions. To examine the writings in terms of their purpose does not eliminate the great interpretations related to Jesus' public life among the Jewish people. Rather, it adds another layer of meaning that comes from the actual Gospel arrangements to later Christians. In seeing how these stories of Jesus were used by early Christians, we tend to see more clearly how they should be used for Christian witness in our own time.