Fr Falk Update

Dear Family of St Thomas More,

It has been a while since a health update has been communicated to you regarding Fr Falk. In august, Father had a successful hip replacement and knee surgery. Rehab has gone well and Fr Falk's discomfort regarding his hip and knee is gone. He did have a set back regarding his stroke recovery. Fr Falk has come to the conclusion that the St Paul Villa will be his home from this point forward. The St Paul Villa is an assisted living facility under the care of the Franciscan Sisters of  Christian Charity, Manitowoc. He receives good care, a private room, two hot meals a day, and can participate in six Masses a week. Prayers and cards are still appreciated. You can send your cards directly to St Paul Villa in Kaukauna, or bring them to the parish office, or place them in the basket in the Gathering Area at church, and I will make sure he gets them. When we dedicate the newly renovated Fr Falk Fellowship Hall in the future, we will try and have Fr Falk come by for the occasion.

Fundraising Update:

The calendar raffle is now our single largest funraiser. Please see the attached letter and help us reach our goal! Thank you for participating, and good luck!

Fr Jim