New Piece of Art in Worship Space

We have a NEW Processional Cross! Dan Van Berkel, the artist who designed & carved our large overhead worship space Crucifix, has created a new Risen Christ Processional Cross, just for St Thomas More. We are retiring our bruised & broken Processional Cross of many years. Our new cross will be blessed & carried in for the first time this weekend.

Dan has been creating religious art since 1976. Each piece is created & inspired through prayer & Holy Spirit guidance. Dan is a gifted artist who enjoys working with wood. He believes that even though a tree must die, the wood it leaves behind, blesses us with new life, beauty & functionality, as art, furniture, & homes.

Our new Processional Cross is made of maple. The stained glass behind the corpus, was created by Linda at Coventry Glass, Appleton. Linda is the artist who created the large stained glass panels on each side of the sanctuary, in our original church. The upward design & pattern of the colored glass symbolizes our praise, prayers & petitions rising upward to God in beauty & natural light.

We invite you to take a moment during the coming weeks, to notice the beauty & details of this "masterpiece" & gift to our parish. The Risen Christ Processional Cross is present in the Gathering Area, to the right of the main entrance. It is used at each liturgy in our main worship space, accept during the season of Lent, when we process in with a Crucified Cross.

Thank you Lord for the gift of Dan! His generosity inspiration & unique artistic gifts will be enjoyed & shared with Gods people at St Thomas More!