At St. Thomas More Parish, we center on the Eucharist and the embodiment of Catholic family values. Our children typically celebrate their first Eucharist in second grade.

Resources for those registered for the Sacramental Prepration Program for First Communion may be found below.  Children have a prerequiste year of Discipleship Formation prior to enrolling in our program.

Please contact the Emily Shackleton, the Coordinator of Child Ministry, with any questions or for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 920-739-8172.


First Communion Preparation

Preparation will begin in September, 2020, for those who wish to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist during this school year. First Communion will take place in small groups during weekend Masses during the Easter season in 2021.

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These sign-ups take place on SignUpGenius. Click the links below to sign up. The sign-ups will close by Ash Wednesday, 2/17/21. Please contact Emily at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to sign up or make a change to your date after 2/17/21.

Parent Meeting Live Stream

The parent meeting was live streamed at 6:15pm on Wednesday, 1/27/21.

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(The video starts at the 25:52 minute mark; it was started early to allow us to set up and there is no content before  that point.)

Additional Resources

Commonly Asked Questions About First Communion Prep

1. How can I tell if my child is ready for First Communion?

Here are some indicators that your child is ready to celebrate the sacrament:

  • Does your child have sufficient knowledge to understand the mystery of Christ according to his or her capacity and can he or she receive the Body of the Lord with faith and devotion?
  • Does your child and some other family members regularly attend Sunday Mass?
  • Is prayer a part of your child’s daily life?
  • Does he or she show a reverence for God?
  • Does your child have a relationship with Jesus?
  • Does he or she know the difference between ordinary bread and wine and the Body and Blood of Jesus?

2. What should my child wear for First Communion Day?

  • It has been a tradition for girls to wear white on First Communion day.  Actually, any light colored dress or even pantsuit is appropriate as well. Color should not be an issue.
  • Traditionally, it has been white shirt, dark tie and slacks. At STM, some boys wear suits while others wear a vest with a shirt and tie and still others simply wear a colored shirt with a matching tie.  The color of slacks depends on the desire of the child and his parents (kahki, black, blue).

Policy Between All Appleton Parishes

The sacraments of First Eucharist, First Reconciliation, and Confirmation are celebrated in the parish where membership is maintained. Preparation for these sacraments happens both in the Day School/Religious Education and in the Parish.

These are two levels of preparation that take place: Classroom and Parish.

Expectations of Classroom Preparation for each sacrament will take place in the day school or the religious education program and is to be completed before and/or during the time of parish preparation. Classroom Preparation consists of units pertaining to the background and understanding of the sacrament.

Expectations of Parish Preparation and the celebration of the sacrament will take place in the parish where the family is registered. Parish Preparation is defined as those activities for parents, guardians, sponsors, and students which are conducted by the parish of membership in preparation for the celebration of the sacrament. This may include parent meetings, parent-child gatherings, retreats, service, special prayer gatherings, home based family lessons, etc.

The parish of membership will communicate with parents regarding Sacramental preparation. (June 13, 1994)